How can I give the gift of easy meals in Oxford?
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My sister just had a baby, and I was hoping to get her a gift certificate from a food delivery service. I've checked out hungryhouse, which does not deliver to her postcode, and Just Eat, which doesn't have gift certificates. Is there any other service like this or anything else that would accomplish the goal of getting some easy meals in the Oxford (UK) area?
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Cook has a store in Oxford. They are frozen meals so would still need heating up but that still saves you 95% of the work. They're generally very good quality and less fatty/salty than most restaurant food.
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Are you looking for take out meals, food to reheat, or just getting food into her house (like groceries)?

For the latter, all the major UK supermarkets have a home delivery service, and I think all of them offer gift cards.
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I use Abel and Cole as my weekly organic veg box, and they do a surprisingly good range of frozen handmade meals. You could order a delivery of those for your sister, fill her freezer with ready-to-heat stuff?
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Maybe you could get a pre-paid credit card, and set up a burner Just Eat account with the details saved into it. If you wanted you could also give her the card, so if she wants to spend it on something else she can.

Alternatively, maybe a Graze Box subscription? (I think you can subscribe...)

Otherwise, perhaps a voucher for Ocado or other supermarket...
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James Martin's Life Fork Spoon might deliver there? Here's some postcode delivery information.
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Response by poster: I prefer takeout meals, as they reduce the work the most, and fully cooked meals are a nice treat. However, frozen meals are a good second-best. COOK and Abel and Cole look like promising alternatives.
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Cook is great. I was given a voucher when recuperating from surgery and it was a fab gift.
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