Can anybody help me find TV shows/documentaries/podcasts/literature on doctors and hospitals in Brazilian Portuguese?
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Can anybody help me find TV shows/documentaries/podcasts/literature on doctors and hospitals in Brazilian Portuguese?

Hi everybody,

As a senior medical student I will do a 2 month internship in family medicine in Vitória, Brazil this fall. I have learned Portuguese beyond the basics but I now need to:
1) greatly expand my vocabulary, especially in the medical domain and
2) obtain fluency beyond basic grammar+vocabulary, i.e. become familiar with the language as it is spoken (abbreviations, expressions, other little twists, etc.)

I have found that I prefer to learn by reading and listening to actual Brazilian comics, books and film rather than rehearsing words and grammar. It simply helps a lot when, while learning, I am also entertained. To do so with a focus on medical language I am now looking for any kind of medical media in Brazilian Portuguese that will be interesting or fun to watch/read/listen. I have looked into the popular TV shows (e.g. Grey's anatomy, House, E.R.) but unfortunately it seems none of these have been dubbed in Portuguese.

- Is there anything on Brazilian television that is comparable to these shows? (Soon I will have access to Brazilian television so maybe I can just watch Channel XX at time yy:zz?)
- Do you know of any good books (fiction) or comics with a medical theme in Portuguese?
- Do you know of a Brazilian podcast or radio station that discusses medicine?
- Perhaps any documentaries on medical topics?
- Anything else?

It would be great if you can think with me and help me find something useful. Any help is much much appreciated.

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I know that Grey's has been dubbed because it's available on Netflix Brasil and there is a dubbed track. When you're in Brazil an American Netflix streaming account will have the Brazilian content available. All those shows exist on DVD here but it seems to just be Portuguese subtitles.

But you're on the right track. I spent a couple of months on bedrest and watched Grey's and ER. They were in English but subtitled with Portuguese. It really helped me pick up a lot of medical terminology and made hospital stays and doctor's appointments much easier.
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Drauzio Varella is a Brazilian physician, author, television personality, educator and all around good guy. He has many youtube videos discussing a wide range of topics. A favorite topic is the Aids crisis in Brazil, and he wrote many volumes on the subject. He is most popularly known for his book, Estação Carandiru, about the conditions at one of Brazil most notorious prisons. He is a fascinating person, personable, and his Portuguese is easy to understand.

As for American doctor-drama television series, I have seen Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice dubbed and shown on the Sony Entertainment Television Network in Brazil.

Boa sorte!
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Response by poster: Thanks, your two suggestions are very helpful. Dr. Varella's youtube videos fit what I was looking for, and I will try to find the dubbed versions of Grey's and Private Practice. Perhaps I'll order the book, too. Again, thanks a lot.
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