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Interesting Portuguese-language shows on DVD?

My best buddy is ridiculous with picking up languages. He's learned Portuguese in a matter of weeks and has upgraded his cable/satellite package to get more Brazilian stations to continue his immersion. For his birthday I'd like to pop for a cool TV show / series / etc. on DVD that he can enjoy as part of his latest language safari. I'm thinking something fictional but compelling in a modern drama vein might be best (since comedy rarely translates well and he's not much on fluff/pop-culture type stuff). It can be from any of the Portuguese-speaking territories. (We're in the U.S., but I am familiar with the magic of MacTheRipper, so don't let the region restrictions concern you.) Your thoughts as always appreciated!
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Are movies part of your etc.? Both City of God and City of Men were well-received Portuguese dramas that got a surprising amount of play in the US. This list may also be of help.
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Response by poster: Movies are fine, but I'd like something he can chew into a little more. Thanks for the IMDB tip!
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Mysteries of Lisbon!!!! It is a completely ravishing 4.5 hour movie directed by Raul Ruiz, that was originally a 6-episode TV miniseries.

It seems the DVD of the miniseries is only available in Region 2 format; this is what I found on Amazon.
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City of Men is also the title of a several (at least) season-long Brazilian TV drama that follows the lives of two boys growing up in a favela, and it is SO GOOD. One of the best series I have ever seen. It's also available on Amazon.
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Queen86 has it, City of Men is fantastic. I know you said comedy may not be his cup of tea, but if you can get your hands on it, I would recommend Casseta e Planeta Urgente. It is a satirical sketch comedy show on Rede Globo that largely deals with current events. I don't think you need to have a particularly Brazilian sense of humor to find it hysterical. A good grasp of Brazilian idiom would be helpful, but the show could be instructive in that manner, as well.
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Would he like a soap opera? Roque Santeiro, one of the most popular novelas from the 80s, is available as a whopping 16 dvd boxset. There are episodes up on youtube, check them out.

Or maybe surreal 60s horror? Try the Coffin Joe boxset.
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Contemporary cop show? Força Tarefa. Episodes on youtube.
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Interviews with UFC fighters on national networks have tonnes of idioms ( ESP. Preparation/ training camps).... Rosimar Toquinho, Junior Cigano, or Edison Barboza all like to talk about stuff- plus check out tropa de elite 1 & 2; lots of "feeling/ mindset" words. Boa Sorte!
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