Healthy Takeaway/Delivery in London
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I spend a bit too much time in the office, and regularly have dinner delivered there (paid for by the company, thankfully!) but am putting on too much pudge from the constant pizzas. Could anyone recommend healthy deliveries or takeaway that will service the W1 area? Thanks!
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I also work in W1 and know quite a few nice (and moderately-healthy) takeaways. What's the next letter of your postcode?
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The 'healthy' end of the Graze boxes? (Just don't fill it up with flapjacks & chocolate...)
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Tucked in W1J - I've browsed Seamless, Hungryhouse and Just Eat but would really appreciate some tried and tested recommendations!
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Deliverance would seem to deliver to W1J.
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Me too! Let's see.
  • Spianata does really good sandwiches (and a couple of other things as well). Probably the best sandwich in the area that I've found. Not sure if they're open for dinner though.
  • Japan Centre has an excellent sushi takeaway area. Lots and lots of choice, and the sushi is excellent. I hear good things about the tuna sashimi too. Open for lunch and dinner.
  • Tibits is a self-serve buffet with a rotating menu of awesomeness. It's vegetarian, but I've taken plenty of carnivorous friends and some of them didn't even notice until after eating. Open for lunch and dinner.
  • Cucina Express does simple but tasty Thai and Lebanese (!) food. I like their mezze which has really good falafel but plenty of other stuff too. Open for lunch and dinner.
  • Monday's food market has food stands from around the world. The Peruvian always has a good queue and is definitely worth trying, though the fresh falafel are my favourite. It's only open until 5pm (hurry and you can still make it!)
  • Chop'd is a souped-up salad bar that serves easily enough for a full meal. You point at the ingredients you want and they mix and dress them for you. Might only be lunch though.

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I used Deliverance when I lived in London (some years ago now).
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P.s. Uh, sorry: useful posting fail. The point is: it was good. :)
posted by Salamander at 7:42 AM on March 25, 2013 might be worth a look.
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