The cabbies that never sleep?
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early midtown east NYC cabs?

Leaving NYC filter: are we going to be able to easily hail a cab at 1st ave and 68th early tomorrow morning (4:15) to go to laGuardia or should we arrange something else?
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I have been able to get cabs at such ungodly hours on 1st when I lived in the mid-80s. You do have to wait a bit sometimes. It may just be easier to do 777 7777, but it does feel virtuous and NYery to get a cab on the street any hour of day like a boss.
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Should not be an issue.
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I'd leave myself an extra 20 minutes or so just in case, since catching a flight is presumably involved.
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Many bars close at 4, I am sure there will be a good number of cabs cruising at that time looking to bring drunk people home.
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You're in Midtown. You can pretty much assume you can hail a cab. I've gotten a (yellow) cab out of Queens at that hour, even; you should be more than fine.
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I live between 1st and 2nd avenue in the east 50's. At any hour I find walking to 2nd avenue presents a far better selection of available cabs given the higher foot traffic and more bars/restaurants. You should have no problem.

1st avenue tends to have more off-duty cabs returning home and can be frustrating at times.
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No need to leave extra time. You shouldn't have a problem hailing a cab, and getting to LGA at that time is really quick. I took one around 5am a few weeks ago from the W 60s and it was around 20 minutes. Also, if you take the Queensboro Bridge you don't have to pay a toll.

If you're worried about it though, Carmel comes out to roughly the same cost when you use their online coupon.
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when I lived in the mid-80s.

(If this wasn't clear, I used to live on 84th st.; I wasn't talking about the 1980s!)
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Wow... lots of good feedback. Hello everybody near me!
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