cheapest quick way to get from LaGuardia to Harlem on a weekday afternoon?
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On a weekday, mid-afternoon, what's the cheapest quick way to get from LaGuardia to Harlem? All methods of transport acceptable except rickshaw.
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Best answer: The M60 bus costs $2 and goes straight from the airport to Harlem.
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I've never actually ridden it myself, so I don't know where at the airport you catch it, and it'll take a while if it's rush hour, but there is pretty much no easier or faster way to get there.

And the other ways (taxi, shuttle, rickshaw) are way, waaaaaaaay more expensive.

The bus runs along 125th, I believe. Ask the bus driver where to get out to catch the 4-5-6 or the 2-3 subways, if you need to go either further north or south.
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Or take the M60 to Astoria, and take the Subway to Harlem. But you're gonna have to change trains, so it may not be quicker. Just take the N/W train to Times Square, and then the 2/3 up to Harlem.

I don't know which way is definitely quicker, but my gut tells me the subway will be faster by a significant margin.
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M60 will be faster in mid-afternoon so long as it's not raining and if it's not after 3:30pm (definitions of mid-afternoon can vary).

After 3:30pm it's a toss-up until about rush hour. At rush hour you are better off taking the route that stovenator outlined, not because it's guaranteed to be faster, but because it's less likely to be late (if that circular distinction holds).
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The M60 is quick, I've taken it. LGA is not far as the crow (or bus) flies from Harlem. It stops right outside baggage claim and runs pretty long hours. Don't get on a Qxx bus by mistake, they go to Queens.

it's been a while since I was there, but at that time they didn't take bills - you need a bus card or change. There used to be a change machine in that area of the airport, but best to bring 8 quarters in case.
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Yup, still no bills on the M60 bus. (I take it, when I don't have large amounts of luggage to cart, and find it very wonderful.)
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FYI, the M60 is good and should take about 50 minutes from the aiport to central Harlem on an average day. A cab, including waiting in line, would probably be 25-35 minutes.
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M60 bus will be the easiest, in terms of not changing trains, etc. Important to remember: NYC buses take Metrocards or exact change and subways take only Metrocard (can be purchased in most stations at vending machines).
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