Driving into NYC at rush hour?
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Driving into to LaGuardia on a Monday morning. What extra travel time should I add into my schedule and what can I expect trafficwise?

I'm driving to LGA on a Monday morning from a wedding in Phoenicia, NY. Google Maps says it's a 2 1/2 hour trip, and I need to get to the airport by 8:30AM at the latest.

I expect there might be some nightmare traffic heading into the city at that time. I have absolutely no idea what I'm in for and sure would appreciate any tips and/or what I may want to allot as my real world travel time. Thanks.
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Will you be driving a rental car?
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Yep, I have a rental to return at the airport and the 8:30AM time is allowing an hour to return the car (which I am thinking is way generous).
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What time does your flight leave? We might have some frequent LGA Monday-morning users here who could advise you on how long you'd need to clear security and things.
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10:30AM flight to SFO on United, four people, no bags to check. Thanks-I lacked have the foresight to doubleup on details!
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The traffic in the LGA area is bad. I drive through it at about 7 am every weekday morning and we still get held up for a little bit (15 min, maybe). During the more typical rush hour commute times, I imagine it would be really bad (I know around 4:30/5, for example, we can sit for about 1/2 hr and not take our feet off the brakes once). I might aim to get to the airport earlier than rush hour to avoid having to sit in traffic for ridiculous amounts of time.
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yeah, but how early does "rush hour" start out there? In Pittsburgh, rush hour is short---maybe 7--9 am---but I imagine in New York it's quite a bit longer. . ..
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You'll actually be going against the traffic into LGA, since everyone at that hour is coming from Long Island and going over the Triborough Bridge into Manhattan. The problem will be getting over the George Washington Bridge and across Manhattan into Queens. I'd say give yourself an extra hour for that leg of the trip.
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I'm going to second getting to the airport early. In fact, get there really early. The only reverse commute you'll be doing is the short distance from Manhattan or the Bronx to LGA. Personally I would rather get to the airport way early, relax, and have a coffee than to sweat it out in traffic. Aim to get to the airport before 7am and you'll be glad you did.
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