Help Unscratchify My Scarf!
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I have a lovely scarf, comprised primarily of metallic thread, which I have never worn because it is so dang scratchy. Ideas for making it softer?

According to the manufacturing specs, this is made out of 55% pashmina and 45% silk, which sounds lovely and soft. In reality, it's scratchy and awful, and I never wear it as a result.

I am open to any and all ideas; I never wear it as is, so if it gets damaged in the course of trying to make it softer, oh well!
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How about wearing it over a turtleneck?

Alternatively, you could pin it to whatever you are wearing so that it doesn't have to wrap around your neck. Maybe pin it to either shoulder. Think of it as an accessory opportunity.

You could even find a way to wear it around your waist, as either a belt or as a wrap-around (pinned again) over another skirt.
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Have someone attach lining on the side that touches your skin? Maybe in a matching color.
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Layer it with another softer scarf, or line it with something softer. Another possibility is to get a jacket or shirt with epaulets, those button tabs, on the shoulders and run the scarf through them. You could pin it in place in front or tie it, but it wouldn't touch your neck that way.

I have a lovely wool scarf that makes me break out in a rash every time I wear it so I turned it into a table runner. I didn't really turn it into anything, I guess. I just draped it over a long narrow table. In that same vein, you could use it as a window treatment, hang it over a door, on a hook, or on a piece of furniture. It might make an attractive valance if your decorative scheme allows.
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You could decorate a mantlepiece with that scarf if you wanted.
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Wear it as a shawl draped over your shoulders, either open or pinned in the front with a pretty pin. (Over a top that covers your skin, obviously.)

Tie it around the strap of your bag.

Tie it around the outside closet door-knob in your bedroom, if you have one. You can also hang a bag or big necklace on the same door-knob, which looks nice.
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Yep, it's been a bag accessory, a table runner, a window valance, an obi belt--you name it! I appreciate the suggestions, and think that's just the way it might have to stay! Thanks for these and the other suggestions, friends!
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