Noir seventies stories?
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looking for noirish novels/stories etc. that take place in the 70s - that might could involve a male protagonist dealing with a 'seedier' side of western living (motels/ dive bars etc.)
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Anything by James Crumley. The Last Good Kiss.
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King Suckerman by George Pelecanos.
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Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice.

Jim Thompson's later work (Child of Rage, etc.)
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You basically just described most of what Elmore Leonard has written.
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Dennis Johnson, Angels
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I came in here to recommend Crumley's Last Good Kiss. I think the blurb on the back actually says "this noir novel takes place in the 70s and features a male protagonist dealing with the seedier side of western life, including motels and dive bars."
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Cocaine and Blue Eyes is exactly what you want. Whatever you do, avoid the tv movie version at all costs.
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Since you included "etc." and because it goes up to 1971, I'm going to toss Larry Clark's Tulsa out there.
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The later prose works of Charles Bukowski? Temporal setting in his novels is always kind of vague, but I get the idea that Ham on Rye, Post Office, and Factotum are set in the 40s or 50s, which is why I suggest the later works.
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Cormac McCarthy's No Country For Old Men is set in 1980 and may meet your needs.
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Not western (Florida), but Charles Willeford's The Shark-Infested Custard meets your other criteria, I believe. A group of friends living in a "singles apartment building" in the '70s get involved in various shady dealings.
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Actually set in the early 1980s but brutal in their depiction of the seediest side of London: Derek Raymond's Factory series, and particularly I Was Dora Suarez--the manuscript of which caused the author's publisher to vomit over his desk.
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Many of Evan Hunter's (aka Ed McBain) works are roughly set in whatever era they were written and tend to deal with seedy things since they take place in a fictional New York police precinct. The man was freakishly productive so there's a good 20 or so books written in the '70s.
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I can't name specific novels, but Lawrence Block's Scudder series take place in fair part in Hell's Kitchen, or at least the early ones do. Maybe this or this?
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