Inclusive desserts, delivered, for average and cross-fit friends?
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Paleo cupcake delivery in DC? Does not exist, but...

I want to order (from out of town) delivery of some desserts for a few friends. Normally I would click on a local cupcake place's website and hit send, but one of the friends is doing the paleo thing. I think all they can have is fruit and nuts? Is there somewhere in DC that would deliver paleo-friendly desserts, or one paleo & multiple delicious bad-for-you cookies, cupcakes, mini pies, whatever?

I know the whole point of paleo is probably to not eat surprises and not eat sweets. But you know. I don't want to leave this one friend out if everyone else gets something!

And I'm not only strapped for time but also a crappy baker.
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Omaha steaks?
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Out of the Box Bakery appears to have paleo-friendly options and offers delivery. It will probably set you back a fair bit more than a regular cupcake place, though!
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Get them fruit and nuts - you can do something decorative like Edible Arrangements. You can get a second basket of chocolate dipped strawberries or something for those not on a diet, so they're still getting similar things, or maybe find a place that could do both fruit and cupcakes.

This site does both fresh fruit baskets and cupcakes.
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Dark chocolate is popular with the Paleo crowd (even though it isn't 100% Paleo). Maybe get some good truffles delivered instead?

The key things to avoid are gluten and grains. Most -- but not all -- Paleo people don't eat dairy. And most Paleo people eat the occasional non-Paleo treat, especially surprise cupcakes sent by their nice friends.
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Ethereal Confections looks pretty dang Paleo-friendly; I first saw them on some Paleo blog. I haven't tried them myself. Yet.
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Oh, but they're not in DC, sorry -- I was thinking mail order.
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Send some Paleo Krunch. It's crazy delicious more or less paleo granola.
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Seconding dark chocolate. Send them a small selection of artisanal chocolate bars. Bonus: no baking involved!
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Late to this party, but Sticky Fingers has tons of Vegan baked goods.

Paleo is tricky, because people tend to interpret it differently. Baked goods arguably violate one of the diet's core principles, so you may be completely out of luck. Send kale chips, and hope for the best.
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