Why doesn't my new phone like my gmail account?
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Any ideas how to get a gmail account to synch on a new Razr 4g phone?

So I got a shiny new Razr (4g) today, but it doesn't want to synch to my gmail account. I even went into gmail on my home computer and changed my password so I was sure I knew it.
I either get an immediate "Your password and account do not match" OR up to 8 capchas in a row (as few as two, and up to 8), THEN the above message!
Any ideas what I can do to get my e-mail set up?
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Are you using the phone's browser or the actual gmail app?
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the gmail app, in order to set it up.
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It should "just work". However there have been some recent android gmail problems reported: http://www.phonesreview.co.uk/2012/03/23/gmail-problem-affecting-android-devices-fix-promised/

If I were you I'd call customer service to see if they could help.
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Is your phone signed in with your google account? Once that's done, all google services should sync from the first time you launch its associated app. I don't know how the razr does it, but all of the android phones I've had so far have had you go and sign in/set up your google account as the first thing you do when you power it up for the first time.
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I found out something interesting - I'd signed up for Google's 'secondary' authentication/security, whereby they send a text code to my phone after every so many days (per computer) when I go to my Gmail account.
The guy on the phone was very good, and said "I don't know what's going on, but this is the third call today I've had about this."
Anyway, I had to go to a computer, sign on to Gmail, and disable the secondary security.
Then the phone worked fine!
I'd say it's not a bug, it's feature, looking for a benefit.
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