Can you think of other hip hop tracks that sound like this?
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I don't really like hip hop (with the exception of older stuff like RUN DMC and Beastie Boys). However, once in a while I come across some tracks that I really enjoy, like these two songs by Wiley and this one by Azaelia Banks. Any other artists / tracks with a similar vibe that I should be listening to?

P.S.: I know these songs may be considered a little to "dancey" to be true hip hop, but hey - maybe that's why I like them.
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Check out Childish Gambino! You might like the song Sunrise.
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Yep, you're talking about sorta Dance-hop, but I love this kind of stuff myself as well!

Here's some artists in the same vein in my opinion:

Cadence Weapon
Pidgeon Jon
The Knux
Claire Hux
Kid Cudi
Spoek Mathambo
And more!

Lots of great hiphop out there beyond the mid 90s, much of it in the style of the old! (not going to mention Odd Future but...Odd Future too).
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I mean this very sincerely; have you used Pandora before? It's pretty tailor-made for this kind of stuff--I used "212" by Azaelia Banks as a station seed and got some pretty similar songs. The first track was I Like That by Richard Vission & Static Revenger, the second was Holy Ghost! by Sharam Jey & Tom Breu. If you haven't used Pandora before, it can be a great source of material, and also turn you on to similar artists (who you can then use to seed other stations!).
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theophilus london - night ridin'

might just link to a buncha luckyme stuff... because those guys and gals are amazing. when i get back home.
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oh no. this one's even better, because you like wiley.

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I don't know if this quite fits the same vibe, but definitely check out Jurassic Five, e.g. Quality Control, Jurass Finish First.
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The Azealia Banks track was just a free style rap she did over an existing electro house track called Float My Boat, which I believe had it's BBC debut on this Fake Blood essential mix from 2009. You might enjoy some of the other songs on that mix if you were just vibing on the music rather than the rapping.
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