Hip-hop stuff to do in NYC
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The 17-year-old son of a friend from Austria is into hip-hop. He'll be visiting NYC on 7-10 December and wants to know how to find out about concerts, venues, etc. Can anybody tell me the relevant websites to send him to?
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How's his English? Can he navigate around the city and buy tickets and things?
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ohmyrockness has compiled a pretty good list of live music venues and show listings around NYC. I'm sure there are some great indie hip-hop acts to be found, but it'll probably take some work to find them. Still, if it's live music he's looking for, regardless of genre, this is the place to go!
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Time Out New York for sure.
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Brooklynvegan's weekly hip hop round up
Ticketmaster's hip hop events in NYC for the next 30 days
Ticketweb search for hip-hop in NYC
Upcoming.yahoo.com events for NYC

It doesn't seem like there's a whole lot happening on those 3 days, though. Maybe there's some lesser known artists playing town...Good luck!
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He'll definitely want to visit the Fat Beats store.
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Check out the Tools of War hip-hop newsletter. It's the best listing of live hip-hop in NYC. www.myspace.com/toolsofwar
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Village Voice might be quite useful too.
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