Help me rehab my spa pillows
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Spa Pillow Rehab? Looking for suggestions on how to replace "skin" over foam spa pillows.

Our spa that we've had for 4 or so years has several foam pillows that snap into the surface just about where your neck sits. Here is a replacement one for sale (the bigger of the three). They are made from a black foam with some sort of soft plasticy skin that has broken down over the years and is peeling off. The foam itself does not seem to have deteriorated, but if you mess with it it will come off on your hands. From what I understand this is probably related to the chemical environment - I'm pretty good with keeping it even but the chlorine probably is the culprit.

These things are pretty pricy (that link is oddly MUCH cheaper than other sources) and I'm wondering if there isn't something I could use/apply to them to reseal them and continue using the ones I have. Maybe a paint on plastic like you dip tool handles in? Or maybe a thick heat shrink material?

They don't necessary have to be soft either - I just want something that shape in it's place. Heck you could even custom carve wood inserts to replace them, although the shape is somewhat complex. Maybe make a mold and then make new ones with some other material? Something I could do for less than <$150 in supplies.

I'm pretty handy and have basic to good understanding of chemistry, and have a decent amount of tools. Although no drum sander...

I'll probably end up ordering new ones, but I foresee a future where replacements just aren't available.

Any and all suggestions welcome.
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I think I might try upholstering it with marine vinyl or another cleanable, wipeable heavy gauge plastic-type fabric. Since it's foam, I'm guessing there has to be some sort of rigid framework or armature within to hold the shape. Maybe a shoe repair shop could help you with these, since they are accustomed to making fabric and leather go around odd shapes. I daresay it would be less than $50.00.
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