How do I remove an Evite comment?
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How can I change/remove a comment I made on an Evite invitation?

I just RSVPed to someone's Evite invitation and in my response I commented on a past party. After replying, I realized that maybe not everyone on the guest list for the current party knew about/were invited to the previous party. Oops! I went it to change my RSVP in order to remove the comment, but my comment still shows up on the feed. Is there any way to remove it?
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So the "Change Reply" link didn't overwrite your old response? May have to contact the host; they should have the ability to edit/delete responses (at least they used to; I assume this hasn't changed).
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Response by poster: The change reply button gives you the ability to change your RSVP status and add a NEW comment but not edit the old one. As far as I can tell there's no way to delete old comments - you can only add new comments to the thread.
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If you change your reply, does that delete the comment associated with the original reply? (I assume you can change it back once you've edited the comment.)
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Response by poster: Nope, that's what I tried first. . .and it just adds another line to the "feed" for the Evite, above (not in place of) your older comment.
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Email the party organizer? Maybe they have admin-like powers to remove the comment? (Assuming they were at the last party and know the circumstance as to why you would want to delete it)
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