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A friend of mine is looking for a Buddhist-friendly out-patient alcohol rehab place in NYC. AA is out--he quit drinking for health reasons six months ago, but now the hospital requires a formal treatment program at a place that isn't anonymous. Any suggestions? Anyone with an opinion on The Realization Center?
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Can you provide more information? Why does someone with six months of sobriety have to go to rehab?
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I think I understand the situation your friend is in; he needs official "I have been treated" clearance, it sounds like.

Good news! Pretty much all out-patient alcohol treatment facilities in New York City are Buddhist-friendly. They will be often be treating Muslims, Jews, atheists, Catholics and Buddhists, all at once. So you should be looking for convenience, affordability and quality of care as your criteria. That's where opinions really diverge. Daytop has a well-regarded outpatient program, as does Hazelden, as does St. Luke's. There are also "specialty" oriented programs, such as for gay people and Asians.
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I read the web page for The Realization Center and had trouble finding actual information in it until I clicked on the "employment" link. They seem to know about the plurality of methodologies that are out there. I'd give them a chance.
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I'm also curious about the 'requires a formal treatment program at a place that isn't anonymous' criteria. I've been to NA meetings where the facilitator of the meeting has signed the papers for the people who are there under court order.
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