Convert from Instapaper to Readability?
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I love(d) Instapaper. I really did. But I like Readability even more. Unfortunately I have seventeen thousand articles saved in Instapaper. How can I export / import?
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Best answer: (Disclosure: I'm an advisor to Readability and acquaintances with Instapaper's creator.)

Right now, Readability doesn't import Instapaper history or queues, and it probably won't have that feature built in soon, mostly out of respect for Marco's work since the two teams used to collaborate loosely.

That being said, Readability's API makes this quite possible and I've already seen several mentions of the idea by developers just in the few hours since Readability came out on iOS. I'd expect someone will build this in the next few days or weeks, and I'm sure if they do, it will show up in the list of apps that connect to Readability.
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You can download the most recent 2,000 saved Instapaper articles as either HTML or CSV by going to the site, logging in and finding the button in the right column. This generates a list of titles, descriptions and links, and does group by folder/starred/archived.

How to get that into readability, I have no clue, but at least it gets (some?) of your data out.
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life's too short to wonder about how you're going to be able to have access 17,000 articles that you may or may not have read yet.
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Response by poster: @softlord I was being dramatic. I probably have under 200 items.
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