What goes best with irish breakfast tea?
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What's the best breakfast in Dublin?

Boyfriend & I are closing a vacation by flying out of Dublin around 2pm on my birthday, so we'd like to go someplace for delicious food and get a little celebration in before completely passing out on the plane.

So...what's the best breakfast in Dublin? No allergies, not picky/totally open to new experiences, prefer inexpensive. It's a weekday in late March (if that affects anything). We won't have a car, so if you have any advice on going from restaurant to airport, that would be wonderful.

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I am in love with a very tiny breakfast place in Dublin called Keogh's, at 1 Trinity Street. Excellent muffins, excellent OJ, and lovely people. The only downside is the tables are quite tiny and they do pack you in.
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More for the surroundings and people-watching than the food, but there's always Bewley's on Grafton Street. From there, it's a relatively short walk to O'Connell Street, where you can take the 747 bus to the airport.
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Best answer: Bibi's (14b Emorville Avenue in Portobello) feels really special. It's on a residential street, redbrick terraces and very quiet. Their menu changes all the time, coffee and tea comes with a tiny cube of the world's most delicious muffin, the place is tiny and everything is delicious.

The 16a bus to the airport passes just one block away from Bibi's (Harrington Street), but I'd be inclined to walk 20 minutes back to Dawson Street and take the Aircoach instead unless you're so zen about flying that noisy public transport won't bother you.

(Bewley's is a really good stalwart of a suggestion and there's a tiny terrace looking onto Grafton Street, like a theatre box for people-watching.)
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If you go to Bewley's go to the back to see the stained glass windows (even if you eat looking out onto Grafton Street).
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My girlfriend and I ate breakfast at Taste Food Company Cafe pretty much every day we were in 2009. Delicious breakfast, great coffee, friendly people.
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Nthing Bewley's. I also liked most of my breakfast at the Clarence Hotel Tea Room. This was 6 years ago and the issue was that I wasn't given the beef sausage I had ordered. I was brought the identical banger I had eaten at previous breakfasts during my trip around the country.The waiter claimed it was beef, but wouldn't taste it himself because he was Muslim. The menu now simply lists Irish sausages. YMMV
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Rashers & Eggs has done the research for you. Pictures and all.
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Dubliner here. Bewleys is quite beautiful and a historic part of the city, but its food is very standard fare these days. The Queen of Tarts on Dame St. has absolutely delicious baking (scones, quiches, tarts, etc). From a food point of view I'd recommend it over Bewleys in a heartbeat. (There's a new Queen of Tarts around the corner on Cow's Lane as well now, but I prefer the original smaller shop.)

If it's more a big brunchy type thing you'd like people recommend Odessa, but I feel like that's more of an American import type thing, as brunches are a relatively new event here.
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Response by poster: Thank you to everyone! We went to Bibi's and it was WONDERFUL.
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