Where to find an EU charger plug with USB in Bremen?
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Where can I buy an EU charger plug with USB connector in Germany?

Hi all,
i urgently need an EU charger plug with a USB input on one end to charge an iPhone. Problem is i'm in Germany, more specifically Bremen. Any idea where i can find one or how much it would cost?
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My German is very rudimentary, but it looks like this place will probably have what you need at prices ranging from 8 to 40 Euros.
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Media Markt is like Germany's version of Best Buy. Anything electronic, they've got it, and there's sure to be a location in any large city like Bremen.

That said, it may be more convenient to stop by the nearest mobile phone shop (O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone, etc). Surely they've got a bunch of 220V->USB adapters, as they work with nearly any mobile phone. No need for the official Apple USB adapter if you've already got the dock->USB cable.
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This seems to be a list of shops (including a Media Markt) in Bremen that sell Apple stuff:
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the help so far!
Any idea of the price of the unofficial and official apple plugs?
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Response by poster: One thing i forgot to add was- i have the Dock to USB cable, i'm looking for the plug that connects to the mains. Sorry if i was vague in my description!
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If you are at a hotel, ask at the desk. I've found that many hotels have a box full of chargers. If they only have a few they will let you borrow - otherwise, expect them just to give you one...
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Saturn has them. The official one is €29. A Belkin one is €9,99. There is a Saturn at Papenstraße 5 in downtown Bremen.
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This list of apple stores in Bremen might help, depending on where you are.
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