How do I set up Auto BCC on a single Exchange account out of three, in Outlook 2010?
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I need to Auto BCC myself on all mail I send through Outlook 2010 from one (and only one) of my Exchange accounts. How can I do this?


I have 3 exchange accounts connected to Microsoft Outlook 2010. They are hosted with GoDaddy. (Changing hosts is not under my control. Please do not suggest I do so.) I'm sharing one of the exchange accounts with multiple people.

I need to set up a rule for the shared Exchange account, that will automatically BCC itself on any email sent.

I know this can be done as a server side transport rule. However, GoDaddy does not give access to the Exchange Management Console. So that's not possible.

I found this site which gives clear instructions on how to set up an auto bcc. But the rule is:

a) not restricted to one exchange account. It affects all emails being sent through Outlook.
b) Only lasts through the current outlook session. When I reboot my computer, it disappears. I need it to be a permanent rule. Do I need to digitally sign the macro? If so, how do I do that?

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give.
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Oh, and the computer is using Vista 64-bit.
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Regarding the single account question: Did you read through all the comments? Someone (guy called Rajinder) suggests an option to adjust it to have it work only with a certain account. Can't try it here so I don't know if it actually works but in case you missed it I thought I'd mention it.
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