Where to find a Christmas hat in Vancouver in January?
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Where could I find a Little Christmas hat for my six year old cousin? (Location: Vancouver)

Every year I wear a ridiculous red Christmas hat on Christmas morning. This year my six year old cousin got hold of it. He ran around wearing it flopped down over his ears, grinning like...well...grinning like it was Christmas morning. I said to myself "that boy needs a hat," if only so I can get mine back.

Little Christmas is coming on Jan. 6th. (The Twelfth Day of Christmas, Epiphany -- note to self: FPP). I was hoping to get him one by then.

Unsurprisingly, every store I've seen is long since out of stock. I'd prefer not to just order one online sight unseen since that feels a bit impersonal and would rule out putting his name on it. Any suggestions, or will I have to wait 'till next Christmas to get him one?
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Pharmasave had a goofy elf hat that played music and had discounted it on the after-Christmas sales. Try London Drugs, and the dollar stores too, for their out-of-season discounts.
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I'd start with the dollar stores. Even during December, that's the place you are most likely to find them. I've looked all around Vancouver before and usually end up getting these at the dollar store. Try a big one and ask if they have any in the back if you don't see one.
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I'd already tried those options. No joy. I'll try running past a few more stores today, but I'm not optimistic. Would it be worth trying a Sally Ann?

If I do find a hat, any advice on how to stitch on the letters of his name? It should be simple, but I'm not much of a seamster. (low priority question - I think I can figure it out on my own and/or online)
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No luck at thrift stores either. Out of time. I'll have to see if I can order online and get it to him late.

Thanks for your advice.
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