Any relatively inexpensive ($150) New Year's Eve events in NYC?
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My friend's parents are coming up for New Year's, and they'd like a rooftop party to attend that's not too young...

All I've been able to find is something at Applebee's. Ticket price range for them is $150-200...I'm a bad New Yorker and usually just watch the ball drop on TV, but the last time I was in the city cover charges close to the ball were considerably more than that.

Also, my google-fu skills are failing me, because I'll I'm getting are spammy sites. Does anyone know of any events like this, or of any sites that do?

They're in their fifties, don't drink much, and would like a view of the ball dropping.
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This late in the game, pretty much all the parties around Times Square are sold out. Your best bet is to tell your friend's parents to plan ahead for 2012 and buy their tickets early (say, Oct. or Nov. of next year).

As for a not-too-young crowd at Times Sq.-area NYE parties...I don't know that they exist, frankly. Most of these event spaces sell tickets to anyone who is willing to shell out the money who is over 21...and most of the people willing to do so are younger than 35, etc...
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