What are good writing applications for the ipod touch
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What are some of the best writing applications for the ipod touch? I am sometimes times writing on the fly and just did the nanowrimo thing and found it was a blast! So want to learn more about witing applications..Any info on bluetooth keyboards would be cool as I could use it with some apps. Thanks everyone and Happy and safe holidays and Merry christmas to all.
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Amazon has this flexible Bluetooth keyboard which has mixed reviews. I have not tried it.
Will be watching this...............
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Best answer: Penzu. SimpleNote. EverNote. A search term that might be helpful is "journaling" apps; some of them may be more structured than what you want, but there are a ton of them that you can use for pretty much any kind of writing.
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Response by poster: I appreciate the help. Reading reviews I find helps the most: Have loaded some (note) apps and will give it a go,thanks.
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