Any less-crowded bars on a Friday in downtown Boston?
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What are my best options for Friday after-work drinks in downtown Boston?

I'm meeting someone for a first-date drink after work tomorrow, and I've suggested meeting in Downtown Crossing. I'd like to avoid crowds and noise but I know that's unrealistic on a Friday. What are some less-bad options within, say, a 10-minute walk? Would a hotel bar likely be better than a pub? And would going across the Fort Point Channel (to, say, Lucky's or Drink) help with the crowds at all? I know that showing up at 5:00 vs. 5:30 or 6:00 will make a big difference for at least finding a seat. Thanks!
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Friday during the holiday season is a challenge. Silvertone?
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The bar at the Ames Hotel on State is nice. There's also Lobby Bar and the Littlest Bar (may not be the right name, but it's right across the street from Lobby Bar) on Broad by the seaport. That could be a bit far, depending on which end of Downtown Crossing you are. The Taj bar? That's pretty nice.

Maybe Marliave on Bosworth? It's a side street off the north end of downtown crossing. The have a nice biergarten in the back in nice weather...

Personally, I'd avoid Silvertone; it's a zoo, and loud.
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Depends on what message you are trying to send with this date... off the cuff, my thoughts are:

Classy: Woodward at the Ames Hotel
Chic, but Understated: Marliave
Fun, Unpretentious: Silvertone, as mentioned above
Young, College-like atmosphere: Beantown Pub

I've been on dates at Marliave, Silvertone, and Beantown. I'd vote Marliave, as I'd be it will be the least crowded, and better facilitate conversation. Also, from 4-6 they have $1 oysters and clams, if that is your thing.
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I second Marliave. Strikes me as a good date bar. They've got a second bar upstairs, from what I've heard (never actually had an occasion to go up there).
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Thirding Marliave. Great old school Boson look (just wish that they would get rid of the TV at the bar since it ruins the atmosphere). They have good drinks (sometimes excellent drinks...depends on who makes them). Try the Molasses Flood!
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Wow, a near-unanimous consensus on Marliave! Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. We didn't go there after all, though I'll be sure to try it in the future. We wound up taking the Green Line to Bukowski on Boylston St. (Dive bar for hipsters, I guess? Dunno what message that sends.) I'd suggested it prior because I've been before-- I feel more comfortable with a known entity for a first date, and she hadn't been to either, so no preference on her part.

For posterity, a friend of mine also suggested the bar at the Langham Hotel on Franklin St, and the bar at Petit Robert Central on Summer St, as being less than terribly crowded.
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