Christmas toes
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Christmas toes filter: I'm about to travel half-way across the world to spend the holidays with my brother's family and I want the two girls to think think they have the most awesome-es auntie known. So here's the question... Red and green toenails. Should I do one foot red and the other green or alternate colours? I'm open to other patterns and ideas as well. I want them to giggle.
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I love this idea! Definitely alternate colors. And put red dots on the green toes, and green dots on the red toes.
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Red and Green candycane stripes!
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If you're feeling adventurous, try marbling your big toes.
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Alternate. Do your big toe red on one foot, then the other big toe green.Then red/green/red/green or green/red/green/red to your little toes.

Can you get those nail decal things where you are? A Santa on the green-painted big toe would be cute.
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I second LN. Last year for Christmas, I finally convinced my favorite nail tech (she thought it was a "crazy idea") to paint my toes with white and red candy cane stripes... they received rave reviews from family, friends, and strangers.
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Check out the Reddit Laqueristias community for ideas. Bunch of talented & creative fingernail painting ladies.
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Hysterical - I came in here to post exactly what MexicanYenta said. So, seconded.
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I'm planning to paint little snowmen on my fingernails for a party this weekend. Blue polish, carefully applied blobs of white polish, and some orange and black sharpie action. We'll see how it goes.

I was always pretty thrilled whenever I had things painted on my nails as a kid, and I (thankfully) never grew out of it.
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Crackle! Do a green base and a red crackle on the top!
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Definitely dots. I say alternate red and green base colors and then white dots on all of them. Tip for dots: use the little ball end of a bobby pin.
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Either that or paint tiny little christmas trees, stars, candy canes, stockings, candles, &c over the same base colour (I'm thinking green might work better).
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Amplify the awesomeness by doing their toes the same as yours.
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Green base color and red glitter on top, the opposite on alternating toes? I sat next to a little girl who was admiring her own tiny glittery fingernails and I don't think I've ever seen anyone so HAPPY.
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Every toe should be a different pattern in variations of red, green, and white:

Left big toe: Red with a white snowflake
Left toe: Green with red dots
Left toe: Red with green horizontal stripes
Left toe: Candy cane stripes
Left Pinkie: Green with thin red vertical stripes

Right Big toe: Green with a red Poinsettia
Right toe: Red with green dots
Right toe: Green with white vertical stripes
Right toe: Red with wavy green diagonal stripes
Right Pinkie: Green with white dots
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Fantastic ideas everyone! I'm going to get it done either Saturday or Monday and will mark a favourite depending on which idea I end up going with.
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Red base coat on all toes, with green holly leaves and dots for red berries on top of that.

Add some glitter to whatever you end up doing! (Make sure to pack your nail polish, and sneak in a little spoiling-time with the girls......)
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Do something on your hands too.
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You could do it yourself with Sally Hanson Nail Effects.
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tumblr is great for finding pictures of nail art. that's the tag for christmas nails.
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Even better, bring the kit and do your manicures together! (I don't know how old they are, but it's Christmas so anything goes, I think - it's "dressing up" and no-one is too young for playing dress-ups...)

Sounds like a great Christmas Eve thing for you to do with your nieces - and then they get to participate as well as admire - I think that might get you a few extra cool points! Enjoy...
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Just to add another option: my nails are currently bright red with green glitter over the top half of each nail. I also added clear rhinestones, but that's a bit over the top and doesn't really work well on toes. ;)
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Yeah, whatever you do, bring the supplies to do their toes, too, if they want. And get pictures, it will be a great memory.
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I was just in Ulta and there are some FABULOUS sparkly reds and greens (and silvers) out right now.

And yes yes yes toenail painting party! (Mine are drying right now, but I'm aloooooone.)
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What about a red and green french-ish manicure? Y'know, red base coat and green tips or vice versa. That could be neat, I think. Bonus points for glitter. Or alternate red and green base coats, with silver or gold tips? Maybe that's too gaudy, I don't know~
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They're still wet, so I haven't cleaned them up yet, but...

Yaaaaay snowmen!

Highly recommended.
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