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Boston beer gardens?

While vacationing in England and Montreal, I've loved the tucked away little beer gardens / courtyards that are nestled behind pubs and bars. Is there anywhere in metro-Boston with a hidden little open-air patio that's NOT in front of the bar? I know of many outdoor seating areas on sidewalks, but can't think of anyplace with outside seating behind the bar. Roof-top patios would be acceptable, too- I know of Daedalus in Harvard Square. Heck, I'd be willing to go out of my way for a cute little hidden patio, so if you know of a place in Western Mass or Providence I'd be happy to hear of it.
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If you can find someone who is BU-affiliated to get you in, the BU Pub has a nice back patio area.
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In Harvard Square at Daedalus, there's a huge outdoor roof deck.
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Sorry, should have RTFA...
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I believe Dillon's on Boylston St. has a back patio, but this is secondhand information.

Also, I suggest a meetup at one of the places people come up with.
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The Rattlesnake Bar on Boylston St. has a roofdeck in the back. Pretty nice, actually. Surrounded by buildings with no view of the street.
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Charlie's Kitchen is in the process of building an extension of its current small outdoor seating area, so that it will extend around the back of the building (depending on how you look at it). Perhaps it will be open before the end of the summer.
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Audobon Circle on Beacon (just outside Kenmore) has outdoor seating in the back. As does Deep Ellum in Allston. (Deep Ellum has a great beer selection and a truly fantastic drink menu.)
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Also, The Green Briar in Brighton Center has a pretty big courtyard, but as a bar with delicious food and delicious beer it is nowhere close to Deep Ellum.
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Haven't been since it's Oleana in Inman(ish), but when it was Daddy O's I loved the hidden patio for dinner. I know they still have it.

Last time I was at Harvest in Harvard Sq they were revamping a really lovely "garden cafe" that felt pretty hidden w/ a fireplace and heaters for when it's colder.

I love Shay's in Harvard--I know it's not super hidden, but because it's below street-level if feels a but nicer than the sidewalk patios that have popped up everywhere.

Thanks for asking this, can't wait to hear about more places!
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Cambridge Brewing Company at One Kendall Square (several blocks away from the Kendall T) has an outside area well away from the street, with one corner in a secluded area. They also sell towers of beer.
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The James Gate in Jamaica Plain has outdoor seating converted from the parking lot. But the make you order food if you want to sit out there. However, it is very nice on a sunny afternoon.
Sophia's Grotto in Roslindale is very garden-y. You walk through an alley on Birch St. and it opens up into cobblestone courtyard where you can sit outside. They often have German beers on tap too.
Another place is the Blarney Stone in Dorchester. They have an outside eating/drinking area that is quite pleasant.
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This is so awesome, thanks everyone! I feel kind of silly marking everything as "best answer" because these all qualify.

By all means, keep up the suggestions if any more come to mind!
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Coming back to this thread to say that we checked out the roof deck of the Rattlesnake Bar this weekend, and it was fantastic. I loved it! We haven't checked out many of the other recommendations yet, but will definitely do so soon. Oh, I have been to the CBC many times, and do enjoy their outdoor seating, so I know that's good. Shay's in Harvard is always so crowded whenever I try to go that I've basically given up considering it. Maybe with the college kids semi-cleared out for the summer it's worth another shot....
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