Where can I buy Choco Tacos near Downtown Crossing in Boston?
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Where can I buy Choco Tacos near Downtown Crossing in Boston?

My coworkers and I are on a quest. A quest for Choco Tacos. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Choco_Taco) Sadly, we were unable to find a place within walking distance of the office that carried them (we only checked a couple 7-11 and CVS locations). Where can we find them?

We did find mail-order, but ordering a case at $3/pc seems excessive.
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They used to sell them at Taco Bell, you might try there if there's one nearby.
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Our Taco Bells in VA still have them, so I agree that it's your best bet.
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in CT, they've long since disappeared from Taco Bell, but they still show up in ice cream trucks. I know you say you're looking for near an office, but anywhere food carts congregate, ice cream trucks often stop.
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Last I checked, the closest Taco Bell to you is the one in the CambridgeSide Galleria. It's not really walking distance, but you can just barely make it there and back in an hour lunch break if you take the Green Line to Lechmere. I have not personally confirmed that they have Choco Tacos, but I'll check next time I'm there. I believe in your quest.
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Check the ice cream truck that hangs out by the Public Garden, maybe?
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Not sure if this helps you but about 3 months ago I bought about six Choco Tacos at a "Tedeschi" (ex-Store 24) convenience store in Davis square. They were in a freezer case, the kind you open from the top and reach down into to get the stuff. I am sure there are a few Tedeschis / Store 24s around you, give it a shot. Googling "tedeschi choco taco" brought me to this hilarious Yelp thread, for what it's worth.
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I was going to say Store 24, so I guess Tedeschi is the best bet. Their website says there's a store at 177 State St., which I think is fairly close to Downtown Crossing.
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Hmm, I was going to suggest Cumberland Farms convenience stores (which tend to have Choco-Tacos in the hinterlands west of 495) but it doesn't look like there are any of those near Downtown Crossing. But I'll bet minimarts in general would be a good place to look.
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Your best bet might be to hunt down an ice cream truck - I've seen at least one traditional style truck around the downtown area, and Jennifer's Frosty is a fixture by the public garden, but from the review it seems like they might be too fancy for choco tacos. Good luck!
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I bought two of them at the Store 24 at the intersection of Charles and Tremont in the South End a little over a year ago. 10 minute walk from DTX.
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Google Maps thinks the South End Store 24 is closed, but I'll try to organize a trip to the Cambridge Street location on Monday. Thanks to all for the encouragement and help. Victory shall be ours!
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I find them at random gas stations, most of which have visible advertisements for drumsticks, as well. Good luck! I had one yesterday and it was awesome!
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took a real long time, but I did find them at the 7-11 on Charles st. in Back Bay.
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