SWM seeks old-time Jell-O ad
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I'm re-creating an old print ad--but I can't find it! Maybe for Jell-O. The individual letters printed on colored placards or signs, held up by beautiful girls, or maybe elfs...? Ringing any bells? Thanks!
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I looked through the Jello section, and didnt see what you described, but if it is for another product around that time, you might find it here. Happy hunting.
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Response by poster: Ooh, that's a good site to know about!
posted by largecorp at 7:52 AM on December 9, 2011

couple of questions to assist the search:
Was it a photograph or drawing?
Any time frame?
Color or B/W?
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Response by poster: I'm guessing either 1940s or 1960s.
Color. I remember each sign being a different color (hence by association with Jell-O).
posted by largecorp at 5:20 PM on December 10, 2011

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