Can I bring steroid ointment into Thailand?
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Can I bring 50g of prescription topical steroid ointment (Clobetasol) into Thailand without any trouble at Customs?
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The main thing to remember when traveling with prescription medicine is to have the prescription label with your name on it. If that label was on a box which you do not carry with the medicine there could be an issue.
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Response by poster: The ointment is in its original tube but there is no prescription label with my name on it, nor is there a label on the box it was packaged in. I have looked but I cannot locate the original prescription.
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Run to your pharmacy and have them reprint the label for you. Shouldn't be an issue then.
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Best answer: I have taken a tube of clobetasol into Thailand (by land and by air), although it was a few years ago. Don't sweat it.
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