What are some good, non-battery-draining iPhone/iPod Touch games?
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I'll be on three flights in the next 11 days, and although I'd like to sleep through every flight, I doubt that'll happen. I have an iPhone 4 and a 3rd-gen iPod Touch at my disposal, so I'd like to throw some new, non-battery-killing games on them before I go.

However, many popular games are graphics-intensive and battery-draining, and I'd like to keep my phone going as long as possible. Things I have and like and probably are least likely to kill my phone: Flood-It, Flow Free, Unblock Me.

iPhone 4 is running the latest iOS, poor old iPod Touch is running the best it can get, 4.2.1, which doesn't support many newer games.

I love word games, but most of the ones I try have moving animations and such. Totally down for any word games that fit my criteria, though. Puzzle ans strategy ames are great too. Oh, and anything else that isn't a game but might stimulate my mind (that isn't a video) is also welcome!

I would love free apps, but will reluctantly spend a few bucks to defeat boredom.
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Carcassone? I play on iPod touch fourth hen, not noticing drain on battery
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Not a game, not free, and takes up a ton of storage - but Wikipedia Offline is good for hours & hours of reading and shouldn't take much battery at all, since you are just reading text.
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Keeping the screen on is what uses most of the power.
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You may not need to worry about draining your battery. A lot of airplanes do have a means of charging your phone. I've been on planes with 110v outlets (Virgin America) and others with USB sockets. SeatGuru may have what's available on your flights.
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Word welder isn't free but it's a pretty good word game that isn't too flashy. I can't say I've ever paid too much attention to its battery use, though. Spelltower is another good (but not free) word game.

I always keep going back to sol free solitaire for mindless time-occupying. I could play Yukon solitaire for ages (I probably have already).
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I can tell you what game NOT to get, even though it's pretty good: flight control saps battery like there is no tomorrow.
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dim your screen as much as you can. I've been surprised at how much battery life this has saved me.
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My favourite puzzle game is Blockwick which is low battery use. There is also now a sequel to Flow Free - Flow Free Bridges. Neither are free though.
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Best answer: I love Hundreds and have not noticed it to be a battery pig. I would follow raccoon409's suggestion though and dim your screen as much as you can.
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FWIW, here's a 5000MAH external backup battery for iphones from monoprice.com for less than $30 - might be a good investment, for not much cash.
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Best answer: I had a long spell with Flood-it, so, fwiw, here's my personal list of high-engagement, low-energy games, all of which have (to varying degrees) withstood the test of time:

- Edge
- Monospace
- Chromixa
- Ancient Frog
- Zen Bound
- Spider (Bryce Manor)
- ASYNC Corp
- Mystical Colors
- Flowerz

perhaps slightly more power-hungry (tho' it's hard to tell):
- Eliss
- Osmos

Another favourite was Tipoli, but I gather it's now defunct.
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I second the idea of a small USB battery. Most are powerful enough to charge an iphone 2-3 times.

A few that I like:

Super Hexagon
Tiny Wings
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Trainyards and fill-a-pix? Train yards does have some animation, but it's mostly a statics puzzle solving game. Quite clever and challenging, haven't noticed it draining the battery much. And fill-a-pix is a logic puzzle, no animation, also good to zone out on.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions. I already have my battery pretty well-adjusted, in terms of screen brightness and manually closing apps that aren't being used. I'm definitely used to a low screen brightness and vigilantly turning off apps running in the background, so that should help out.

No power ports on my flights, but I do have a gadget that acts as an extra battery if I drain mine.

I'll be checking these all out tonight and installing in advance. Thank you!
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