I just want to listen to podcasts wirelessly.
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How to stream music to my iphone through my bluetooth headset. The cheapest way?

Wanting to listen to podcasts on my iphone 3G through my Plantronics headset.

I have scoured the net and I have seen the workarounds but it doesn't work with my Plantronics 220. And the idea to put a call on hold is stupid to me because you're wasting minutes. (But it would work because I can hear music and a caller's voice at the same time.) Is there a reason why the voicemail trick won't work with my earpiece? All I hear is a buzz, it never switches to the music. If so, what inexpensive earpiece would you recommend instead and how would I know it will work better than this one I already have?

My only other (relatively cheap) option it seems is a bluetooth adapter. This is the cheapest I found but I can't find any reviews anywhere which is always scary. Do you have any experience with this particular adapter?

Sound quality isn't a big deal, nor is stereo sound. I just want to listen to podcasts as unobtrusively *ahem* at work as possible. :) Thanks.
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One possible option is to purchase the Motorola Motorokr S9 bluetooth stereo headset, but even that has mixed reviews as to if it works with the iPhone or not. (you can get it pretty cheap on ebay - ie. under $50)

I'll be watching this post as I'm trying to figure the same thing out! Good luck!
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I don't know too much about the iPhone (don't have one; don't want to end up dreaming about it for now :)

That said; I'd be careful with the adapter idea if you want to use your current headset. Most of those adapters use the bluetooth ad2p profile (ad2p = music headphones) exclusively. Your plantronics supports hands-free and headset profiles, but not ad2p; that's normal but it means that you would need a ad2p headset to go along with the adapter, something like the S9's or these. I'd recommend these because you can disconnect the second earpiece if you don't need/can't be seen with it.

From your description it sounds like you can't use normal headphones due to apperance, but if you could then this or this would be a nice option.

Sorry I can't comment about the adapter; I've heard good things about icombi adapters here but the thread is from 2007.
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Response by poster: Exactly the kind of info I was looking for! :) So I would need the adapter and a new headset to boot?
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I think that's the only way to do it; technically it's possible someone made a adapter that supports headset profile (so you could use your current headset with it) but I've never seen one before.
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Response by poster: Ok, so the solution I ended up with was an inexpensive one-ear headset that supported a2dp and a sony bluetooth adapter from Amazon.
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Best answer: This is something I've investigated pretty thoroughly as I have the exact same wish, listen to podcasts via a bluetooth mono headset and readily take calls when they come.

Through now, these folks are correct - a a2dp adapter for the iphone and an earpiece that is a2dp compliant. I have chosen the Jabra BT530, though haven't purchased yet.

The good news is that the recent announcement of this summer's 3.0 firmware for the iphone will 'turn on' a2dp support, which should mean that you won't have to get the adapter.

If you aren't willing to wait, I was looking at these models for the adapter.
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