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I'm looking for an iphone app that will allow me to make playlists easily while listening to music. In the standard music app there is no way to add the song that I am listening to onto a playlist without going back to the playlist, clicking edit, searching for the song in the list then adding it. There has to be an easier way to do this, aside from just going into iTunes on my computer. Any suggestions? I have downloaded a few different music players but none of them seem to do this. Thanks!
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Spotify does this.
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Response by poster: I just looked up Spotify and its not available in Canada. Also it looks like it is Internet radio, not using my own purchased songs. If I used that all the time I would use up my data in about a week. Looking to make playlists from my own music.
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I use spotify all the time with my local songs and I can add them to different playlists while listening. I do have the pay version, though. This doesn't help if you dont have accessto the app, but I did want to point out spotify doesn't require you to stream songs if they are already on your device.
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I use OnCue for this.
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Response by poster: Well that was a waste of $3. The OnCue app does not work.
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You can ask for your money back. Do it now.
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Response by poster: Really? How? Thanks!
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You write to Apple Support and ask for your money back. They say they don't offer refunds, but they do if you do it very soon after paying for the app.
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