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What are the best industry databases for C-level and Director level contact information, specifically in Entertainment, Sports, Finance, and Fashion?


When I temped briefly at a PR firm, she had an amazing database that seemed to have everyone's contact information, but I can't remember the name of it. Hivemind, help me figure out what databases are actually useful and up to date.
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There's one called Leardeship Library that university libraries, and especially business school libraries, subscribe to.

I would suggest contacting a librarian in the library of an MBA-granting business school and asking them your question. Business school libraries tend to have subscriptions to a number of databases that are not accessible to general university library patrons. Just be aware that these types of databases tend to be paid subscription-only.
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Jigsaw certainly will have a good number of contacts in those, and just about every other field.
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The database that they used where you temped was probably Cision.
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Seconding Jigsaw. The user contribution and updating factor is the pro and the con, here.
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