What are the best websites out there?
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If I had never seen the internet before, where would you direct me in 2011? What are the best news, film, music, art, fashion, history, technology, gossip, sports websites and blogs out there?

Today in my adult EFL conversation class, I mentioned that the internet in English is huge and that it may be a good way for students to read about their interests online in the language they're trying to learn.

I'd like to compile a list of some good resources. So what are the best websites and go-tos in the basic areas of interest?
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You could start with Webby award winners.
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I'm really loving The Awl (a mix of really well written commentary, fiction and some silly pop culture stuff) and sister site The Hairpin recently (ditto the Awl, but with a feminine/Feminist bent).
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For film, I really love the link posts from The Film Doctor.
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AV Club covers music and film
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I like the "Simple English" version of Wikipedia. It has articles on complex topics written using basic English vocabulary.
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You really only need Arts & Letters Daily.
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Seriously. History essays, pages on marriage and overcoming alcoholism, plus jokes. Its got all the old Internet vets like Seanbaby and David Wong.
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Ubuweb is an amazing resource for avant-garde culture. Film, music, writing, art, performance etc.
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everyone makes fun of it, but Pitchfork still has good music reviews
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Grantland has been surprisingly better than I expected. What looked like it would be a massive ego-trip has had a solid run of good writing. Many of those stories have ended up on the blue, and sparked some pretty good discusion beyond 'ugh, sports on Metafilter.'
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