AV equipment loans for the arts
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How can I solicit electronic equipment for short term loan for an NYC art exhibition? It is affiliated with a non-profit and reasonably high profile, I have a PR kit ready but am having trouble finding the right contacts (at Samsung, Sony, or Panasonic for example). I need a monthlong loan of a flatscreen LED display and in exchange can offer PR opportunities, exposure to a sophisticated arts audience, and VIP performance tickets - a lot to offer!
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Not sure, but maybe you could try contacting local retailers who sell those displays instead of manufacturers.
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Getting large-scale manufacturers to donate this stuff on loan is unlikely. You'd be better off contacting retailers who may be willing to loan you floor models, but their "donation" of a loan isn't going to be tax-deductible, FYI.

If the nonprofit has a wealthy or well-connected donor base or board of directors, you should be able to find a business who will loan you the equipment, or possibly even an individual. Talk to your development department.
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Best answer: Yeah, in a somewhat similar vein, when local non-profits and charities do this sort of thing, it's almost always in their "2011 Chevy Malibu provided by AAA Cheverolet, on Main Street in Yourtown." At least, from the non-profits I've spoken with, they're not working with the carmaker directly, but a local dealer. So I would think you'd have some opportunities with your local retailers and businesses as well.

We have loaned out or even outright donated video projectors, electronic whiteboards, and copiers for short-term events and for permanent placements in exchange for PR, ad space, whatever. So it doesn't always have to be direct from the manufacturer. Heck, your local independent A/V retailer (or, sigh, a corporation like Best Buy) might have a year-old floor model showing some wear that they'd be willing to let go for a photo op and a writeup in your materials.
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In New York, try Tekserve or maybe J&R.

Have you priced out renting what you'd need from a rental house, or somewhere like Egads?

You could also look into Materials For The Arts, though they don't usually have state of the art tech to order. Someone who works there might be able to refer you to someone or help you find resources you weren't aware of.
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