What are your favorite ABOUT US pages?
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I run an alternative arts nonprofit that does literary events between pop and high culture, social justice interventions, and online magazines. We're making a new ABOUT US page. What are your favorite ABOUT US pages online?

We're redesigning our website and trying to put together a very content-rich ABOUT US section. We want our ABOUT US page to be both information-dense for funders and the general public and also actually refreshing to read: creative, funny, visual, expressive, surprising, full of personality. For example, we've shot some weird photos/videos of the staff that we're turning into animated gifs and are thinking of putting together an oral history of the org. We have a lot of great photos from events, audio, and video, so we're hoping to embed these things, as well as get testimonials from famous writers, activists, musicians, etc.

What are organizations, art institutions, companies, etc., that you think have really great ABOUT US pages--i.e., not just informative, but c? They don't have to be art orgs or nonprofits, just good examples of sites that make non-boring ABOUT US sections. Are there ABOUT US pages that have made you laugh--or made you like the organization more? What did they do?

FOR BONUS POINTS: What are good examples of ABOUT US page navigation that is different than just a menubar? We'll have possibly five main categories, with subpages underneath and we already have a menubar for our soon-to-be-redesigned online magazine. Are there internal navigation systems that you like?
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This is a really simple one, breaking every rule of proper business conduct, which makes it one of very few business sites I've ever liked or trusted: Recycled Bikes, Vitor's shop on Spuistraat, Amsterdam.
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UK pop music website Popjustice is one of my favourites.
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Funny enough, I just landed on OXO's About page recently, and it was an entertaining read (scroll down a bit, it starts out standard and gets funnier/quirkier).
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