Amazing projects where art meets digital/social technologies
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What are interesting projects where art meets new (digital/social) technologies? Like Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir, Youtube Symphony Orchestra, or Google Art Project.
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Thru-You, where an Israeli musician gathered up dozens of random YouTube clips and sliced-and-diced them into a series of amazingly catchy remixed tunes.

Also: Curated Google Earth satellite art and iPhone touchscreen paintings
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Response by poster: Nico S. has replied to this question on Aardvark:
Sounds of Hamburg is a very interesting project. The Hamburg Symphoniker united their forces with aspiring web programmers. With the help of their software everyone can - through their website - compose by identifying real human beings (filmed with webcams in Hamburg) with instruments.

Personally, I have not been able to appreciate this project yet.
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Lot of projects linked at asci and at siggraph
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