I know how to find Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas. How do I find Wilt Chamberlain and Mick Jagger?
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Is there anything like an IMDB for rock music? or for sports figures?

I'm trying to do a search for famous men over 65 who haven't kicked the bucket yet. With IMDB it's pretty easy to do so for guys in entertainment (TV, Film, radio even). But when it comes to rock or sports, not so much. Any idea if such sites exist with similar functionality to IMDB?
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AllMusic.com is remarkably deep for music-related info, even biographical.
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The closest I've found is www.allmusic.com -- but I've never tried any particularly advanced searches so I'm not sure if you can filter by age.

No clue if there's a similar sports site.
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well there's baseball-reference, basketball-reference, and hockey-reference. and of course the always venerable and 100% accurate wikipedia.
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On allmusic you can serach by birth year = x, but not birth year <>
If you can't find anything better though you can do 65-95 in "only" 30 searches.
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NNDB is a general database of "noteworthy" people, and includes people known for their involvement in sports, film, music, politics, etc. Their site search is pretty anemic but but it might be a good place to look -- maybe you could scrape their database.
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65 is still pretty young, relatively speaking, but if you want a list of older famous people, go to stiffs.com and see who's popular on their Dead Pool lists.
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