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How to run a tournament?

I'm thinking of organising a tournament for Rock Paper Scissors. I'm hoping to attract at least 100 people (although preferably more), and to include sponsorship, prizes, referees, a pre-tournament entry process, and other tournamenty requirements. It would take place somewhere around June or July depending on how much planning was involved.

I've never done such a thing before.

Is there anyone who has run a tournament of any kind and can give tips on what's involved and how to do it?
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You should talk to Naomi, she's been running a tournament for a few years now.
posted by cali at 5:11 PM on February 12, 2006

Have you looked at the World RPS Society page yet?
posted by rossination at 6:05 PM on February 12, 2006

Response by poster: rossination: yes I have.

It seems that I should point out that I'm primarily looking for information on how to run an event of this size, planning required, etc.

I really only mentioned the fact that it will be an RPS tournament so that anyone answering would know the context.
posted by ancamp at 6:39 PM on February 12, 2006

Budweiser and A&E have been doing this at bars around here this year. It's... unsettling.

It's USARPS. That should help you.
posted by zerolives at 7:52 PM on February 12, 2006

hey how did the organising go ?
posted by doogyrev at 2:17 AM on April 19, 2006

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