Christmas Cards
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OK not a big fan of Christmas. Looking for xmas cards to send to like-minded friends. I saw a great one a few months ago on deviantart (and can't find it again) father xmas beard collaged over various famous photographs - one particularily wicked one over D. Lange's famous photo of a woman and child in Depression Era. Not big or clever. But still...
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Scrooge Cards
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Wondermark has a nice collection of semi-snarky cards for all occasions. I've purchased, and they are high quality printing with nice envelopes and paper.
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Wondermark, even.
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I shouldn't be laughing at these.
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Or these. Or these. Or these. Or this one! In fact, I probably shouldn't have plugged "snarky Christmas cards" into etsy's search box.

I'm going to get coal again, aren't I?
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I may have to send this.
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Hello Cthulhu!
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Could you be looking for the stylings of Barry Kite?
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I see linked to all the time -- here's their Christmas section.
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Response by poster: Nap Terr, you're a star! cheers mate!
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