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Looking for a store that sells professional, customizable, high-quality Christmas cards.

Quality and efficiency is everything. I work for an entertainment company that would like to be able to send cards to clients and prospective clients. Cards have to look modern (not overly-religious, sleek design), made of quality paper, preferably include a corporate logo that I supply, and include some kind of standard message, that again, I supply. Are there any online stores that could turn around a batch of such cards by Christmas? Cost-effective solutions a plus.
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I have had wonderful experiences with VistaPrint. They have printed some excellent quality cards for me in the past. And while it wasn't time critical (and hence I didn't choose faster shipping), turn around time was usually a week or less.
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I've always admired Crane & Co. for high end custom cards. Not sure about their turnaround time though.
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Invitations4Less.com offers a large variety of Holiday cards. You can email them a logo that can be included on a variety of cards. They allow you to select from canned verses. I believe on some cards you can customize the verse. The prices are really pretty good. Excellent customer service too. Hope that helps!
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I use VistaPrint for 75% of my corporate printing because I like their fast turnaround, and the ability to order small quantities and upload my own designs -- but they don't have what I would consider a high enough quality for my company's holiday cards.

I love Crane with all my heart; they are my go-to for my personal paper. But, I don't love their corporate designs... I find them to be TOO traditional (shh, never tell).

I have been feeling your pain for several weeks now, as I've got the same task. The bulk of what's available (cheesy designs of "hotel-art-quality" watercolors, cardinals frolicking in snow on barns... overly religious, red-green-gold palette that clashes with my company's logo and style, le sigh) just hasn't been acceptable.

Since most big paper stores just carry the same few stationers' catalogs, I decided to shop by design. My plan is to find the exact design that I want, and then search for online stores who carry it; then, select by price and delivery time.

I think I finally have decided I want William Arthur cards. It's a consistently high-quality stationer, and the designs are more stylized, more secular (I think this "Sound the Gong" design is simple and stunning... this woodcut globe design is retro but not in a kitschy way... this compass design is super-witty... anyway, I'll stop now as there's no telling what style you're seeking).

Maybe you could browse through this gallery at FineStationery.com (in case the deep link doesn't work, it's their corporate holiday section). There are several good designers there; at the least maybe you'll get some inspiration. This wreath is Christmas-y without being too too... this New Year's card in red and black is ultra-cool. Okay, really stopping now. I love paper. A lot.
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