Quote, Poem, Song Lyrics, or other text for holiday card
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I am designing my own holiday cards, with pictures of my family on the front. They are awesome looking so far, and I am really excited. A blank space on the back of the card is what I'm trying to fill; a 5" wide area, about 4-5 lines in 10-12 pt font.

This question from 2007 is great; if I cant find something better, I will use the Groundhog day quote. (Also, the length of the groundhog day quote is just about right)
This question about inspirational quotes is good; I like the vonnegut, and the buddha quote.
Besides what was previously suggested, any other ideas? non-religious.

Suggested topics: quotes, parts of poems, song lyrics, movie or tv quotes about: love, joy, coziness, cheer, family, togetherness, dogs, snow, gratitude, thankfulness.
also accepted: geekiness, snarkiness, satisfaction being alone.
But please, none of those 'inspirational quotes' on pinterest.
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Response by poster: and if you want, as a prize, I will send you a christmas card when they are completed, so you can see your handiwork.
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This is totally cheesy but I love these lines from the Emerson, Lake and Palmer sing, Father Christmas: "We wish you a hopeful Christmas, we wish you a brave New Year. All anger, pain and sadness leave your heart and let your road be clear."
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A few years ago, I used a stamp with this quote on my handmade cards, it has stuck with me as one of my favorites:

Now let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been. — Rilke
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