Help me pick the best xmas card every
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I need the awesomest secular Christmas card ever to send out for my small business. Please show me your funny or cool suggestions.

I own a small business and I need to send out about 350 holiday cards this year. I am in a niche business and I try to make every mailing I do stand out. Last year I found these amazing pop-up cards by Robert Sabuda. Everyone I talked to mentioned the cards and how neat they are. I'd like to top them or at least match them. Please help me! The Sabuda cards were a great bargain as well, because they are alphabet cards so even after tossing all the religious ones they were a great deal.

Here are my requirements and wishes:

a) Can't be religious. At all. I'm Jewish. So no stars on trees, no ornaments, no presents, def. no Jesus, no Merry Christmas, and MAYBE Santa is OK if he's funny.

b) Costs less than $3 per card

c) Is awesomely funny or cool or nerdy or whatever

Turn ons: Interactive. Has something to do with Seattle. Has something to do with maple trees, maple leaves, maple seed pods. Has something to do with world peace. Has something to do with nature or do-goody-ness.

Turn offs: angels, Thomas Kinkade, sappy, Canada
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Not cheap (although many are under $3/ea) but awesome: MOMA's Holiday cards
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rmd1023-- are those prices PER CARD?!?
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The MOMA prices are for 8 cards plus envelopes.
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How about these?
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When I lived in Seattle, I always went to the Paper Source to get humorous holiday cards without an emphasis on religion.
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Do you need a variety of cards for this year or will just one do? The best Christmas card we got last year was from a business partner who took a picture of his shop dog running with a toy Santa on his back. Inside it said, "Next we tried reindeer." It was cute and funny and directly tied into his business' image without being cheesy.
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I'm a fan of this company - our holiday card requirements are close to yours (save for Seattle and maple). I really like the quotes and that they're green.

I like this Whitman quote about Peace. And this Emerson quote about friendship, and this one from Moliere. The ones we sent last year were from this company and I was pleased at the price point, and most of our friends commented on how nice it was to receive cards that weren't green/red/glitter/Kincade fiascoes with a little bit of literacy behind them.
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My friend does these cards. They are pop ups and not religion specific.
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The Syracuse Cultural Workers have nice holiday cards, including some that emphasize peace, nature, and do-goodyness without being sectarian.
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Best answer: Have you considered having custom art made? Last year, we hired an artist who offered custom work on etsy. We turned her watercolor image into our christmas card. People really really liked it.

The artwork was inexpensive but we spent about $150 printing up the postcards (small run but a rush job - if you plan ahead the printing cost shouldn't be so bad.)
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Some companies send an email saying "Due to environmental concerns, we're not mailing cards this year. Please check out our online card at" In addition, we've made a donation to Beloved Local Charity in honor of our fantastic clients.
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This is not terribly helpful, but several years ago my family somehow got our hands on a batch of cards that were some kind of promotional material. The one I remember said "Happy Christmahanukwanzukka, Let's all drink egg nog until we puke." My mother the Episcopal priest thought they were the funniest thing she'd ever seen. If you go custom, I'd recommend something like that.
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This may violate some of your requirements but you can be the judge - this year I bought holiday cards from Bob Ross' website. Theyre cheap, say "seasons greetings" and feature Bob Ross paintings. I unironically love bob Ross, but these cards can def. go either way.
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Can you afford to get your staff outfitted in bad Christmas sweaters? Is there a Wal-Mart (or similar quality) photo studio in your vicinity? Take a pic in front of the 'winter wonderland' backdrop, then go econo and roll your own cards. They'll be tacky as all get-out, but they certainly will be funny/nerdy.
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Not to rain on your parade, but it is Christmas - a religeous festival/holiday.

I can see where you are coming from, but it seems like you just want to have two bob each way. Why not do something principled, like not send any cards at all. Put something on your website, bottom of your emails, invoices etc saying whatever you want to say about Christmas not meaning anything to you, so no cards this year, but nevertheless expressing good wishes to all those for who Christmas has some meaning.
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Best answer: Electric Boogaloo sells funny and slightly offensive ones from her etsy shop every year. They aren't available yet, but she usually uses the first three designs she has on this page from an old blog post, plus there's sometimes some others, like the second one here.
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Best answer: This might be perfect -- a Seattle snowglobe card with "Holiday Greetings."!

I sent these out one year and everyone loved them. Probably not such a good match for the office, but I believe he's done others in a similar style, but without the 'rear' being featured.

Letterpress maple cards
. Maybe you can have some text written on there if you buy a bulk order.

Another maple leaf letterpress card.

Or how about some maple tree tags/ornaments? You could have words printed on them and if your business name isn't involved, they'd probably get re-used or displayed!

Pine cone?
- just get more appropriate text.

These Japanese maple tree cards are gorgeous and could be very nice!

Be merry and bright!

The conjoined gingerbread-men cookie cutter is pretty funny, but not really right for an office situation.

Yellow snow?

Happy huladays

I've loved the YeeHaw letterpress cards. They're usually oversized with an amazing heavy cardstock. Happy New Year. Happy holidays. Seasons Greetings. Peace.

Cute bike

Holiday gas station.

Holiday space needle.

Customizable wood postcards - get a maple leaf and whatever you want it to say!

Seattle cut-out silhouette - just put a good image up there instead of the cheeseball couple! Hello Lucky has a bunch of other nice cards.

Tons of cute ones at Eggpress.
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Best answer: Also - consider buying a printable calendar on ebay, and having a local printer actually produce them. I bet you'd come out within your budget, and hey - a reminder of you each time they look at the calendar!

And these are gorgeous maple leaves on a letterpress card. They're $20 for 6, and you might be able to negotiate a discount with such a large order.
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I once settled for theses cards with a sheep on them that said "Fleece Navidad" so that's like a funny santa.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone - I am going with these:
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Response by poster: OK, I changed my mind:
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