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I have some iPhone ringtones I've made with GarageBand that are entirely too loud. I cannot figure out how to decrease the volume. Any suggestions?

I've got a bunch of ringtones (and now, thanks to iOS 5, alert tones) I've made by importing a file into GarageBand, finding the part of the song I need, and sending it to iTunes as a ringtone. The problem, that I hadn't noticed until recently, is that everything I've made this way is about three times louder than it needs to be. I've tried going back into GarageBand and decreasing the volume, I've opened them in Audacity and tried lowering it, but nothing seems to be working. Is there something obvious I'm overlooking, or a better way to do this?
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So, if I have this right, you create the file on Garage Band, import it to Itunes and then transfer it your phone via the I-tunes sync? Does it play the same volume in I-tunes that it does in Garage Band?

My hunch is that you've got the playback on your I-Tunes set to "Soundcheck" which is what it calls its normalize feature. That'd be the first thing I'd check.

If it DOES play at the same volume on your computer, then the problem's in your I-phone.
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It's loud no matter what I use to play it back... iTunes, my phone, Media Player, Quicktime, matters not.
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Can't you just turn down your ringer/alert volume?
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cmoj: "Can't you just turn down your ringer/alert volume"

I can, yes, but that doesn't solve the problem of the files' output volume being louder than I'd like it to be. I'd rather find something a little more permanent. Thanks though!
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