Phùng Thị Chính?
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Librarians / reference experts: I'm seeking any information in English about Phùng Thị Chính (other than the stub on Wikipedia).
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You might try to get your hands on The Encyclopedia of Amazons: Women Warriors from Antiquity to the Modern Era or track down materials about the Trung sisters. There's a paragraph here about Chinh, and lots of mentions on Google Books.
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So is she known for more than her role in the story of the Trung sisters? The Wikipedia article on the Trung sisters says their story (which includes Phùng Thị Chính) comes from Vol. 3 of The Great/Complete Annals of Viet.

So, I'd suggest looking for stories about the Trung sisters in English, or perhaps seeing if you can find a copy of the Annals in English.
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