How to turn a podcast into a ringtone?
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How can I make an iPhone ringtone from a portion of a podcast?

This would not be my podcast (obviously). Is this even possible? If so, what application would I need, and/or what steps can I take?
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If you're on a mac, just drag the mp3 into GarageBand, trim the bit you want to less than 45 seconds and click Share > Send Ringtone to iTunes. That's it.
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I haven't tried this but --
  1. Get info on the podcast and set the start/stop time to crop the song to the portion you want
  2. Convert the podcast to an AAC
  3. Find the converted file and change its extension from m4a to m4r
  4. Import your M4R back into iTunes. It should show up as a ringtone.

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On my Windows machine, what nathan_teske suggests works for me. Info, insert start and stop times, convert selection to AAC, then delete the new file from the iTunes library but don't delete it. That step seems to be necessary on my machine. Relocate and rename, drag into iTunes and it shows up under ringtones.
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Sorry, that should read "remove from iTunes library, but don't delete from your machine". I realize delete but don't delete might not make sense. My bad.
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