day the earth stood still ringtone
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Help me get a sweet Day the Earth Stood Still ringtone...

i have an iphone, i want to get a Day the Earth Stood Still ringtone

either that weird scifi music that played when creepy stuff happened, or Klaatu's famous command to Gort: "Klaatu barada nikto"

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Necktie? Nickel? Nikto! And here's some more.
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While I don't have an iPhone, I do have a phone that I made my own ringtones for - generally having the .wav or .mp3 on hand is most of the work done for you already. Just upload it using a data cable from your PC, and you should be good to go. One thing to note - if you have a short file as a ringtone, especially spoken words, you'll either want to make it part of a longer loop, or set your phone to only ring once (if possible). Otherwise, it's going to get really annoying, really fast.
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FatherDagon, none of those links appear to actually work.
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Correction: none in the first link.
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If you have the mp3 you can use this site to customize and download the tune to your phone.
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