I need a therapist in Cambridge, MA
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Can someone suggest a good CBTish/existential/thoughtful therapist who takes Tufts insurance in Boston?

I'm trying to work my way out of (while finding myself working into) a fairly long term depression. A move to Boston was hopefully going to help fix things but hasn't. I've been hurting a lot lately. My new job is going pretty well in its own way but it's ridiculously overwhelming and exhausting too and very stressful.

One of the problems I've had with therapists is that (take my word for this, if you don't mind, I know it sounds stupid) a) I'm pretty smart, and usually have considered the situation in a lot of detail already and b) I'm fairly complicated, unique and singleminded. In the past I think that's entertained my therapists (I've done this a couple of times in the past, with somewhat limited results), but left me without that much more perspective.

However, I'm definitely willing to give it another chance. I'm just hoping to find someone who is whip smart and could maybe give me some guidance. I'm open to CBT stuff, I guess my main thoughts are giving my goals and values some reconsideration (mostly because at the moment I can't figure out what my goals are) and either trying to figure out some meaning in my life or be more comfortable without it having that meaning.

Cambridge/Somerville area would be preferable if possible. My health insurance situation is up in the air right now but it looks like it will be Tufts

Thank you very much.
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MeMail me if you're comfortable doing so, or follow up with a throwaway email address.
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I know what you mean about "entertaining" your therapists - I have been there too.

The following are recs I got from the Tufts counseling center when we determined that I needed something more than they were capable of giving me (I specifically asked for women, not sure what you prefer so ymmv):

Kristin Wildt, LMHC: 860-614-2571/ 1234 Broadway Somerville, MA
Liz Baragato, LMHC: (857) 998-9017/ 14 Pleasant Street, Cambridge, MA
Amanda Duffy, LICSW: 617-666-5800/ 403 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA
Winslow, Andrea, LICSW: 781-391-6222/ aw_medfordcounseling@verizon.net / 84 High St, Medford, MA

I ended up with someone who doesn't take the Aetna student health insurance takes my other insurance, so I can't comment more specifically on any of the above.
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You might try the therapist search on www.psychologytoday.com
Also, if you memail me I have a suggestion.
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I literally just joined metafilter and paid the $5 to tell you that Amanda duffy is my therapist and is amazing and incredibly intelligent. Good luck.
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