Who is this?
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Any idea who this singer is, or any info on this song?

On the old internet kpop station Something Hangook (which I believe is defunct now), this song would come into rotation. It sounds overly dramatic and sappy, which means I LOVE IT INCREDIBLY. It doesn't really sound like kpop, more like Trot, but I can't find it anywhere in any Trot archives. Can you help?
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FWIW, neither Soundhound nor Shazam found any matches. I don't know any Korean so I'm no further help, but if you do, even a little, you could try googling for the lyrics.
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I searched the lyrics the best I could (the chorus is hard for me to comprehend because of the crazy Kpop exaggeration of her voice) and found absolutely nothing. Your best bet if you're in the states is to find a genuine Korean speaker to write down the lyrics and/or google them for you if you can't read or write Korean.
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I used the MusicID app and got a hit, but the details are in Korean. Here's the screenshot. I don't know Korean, but I found this nifty tool which allows you to build Korean characters. I was able to work out the name of the song, 빗물, and plugged it into YouTube, but I've only found different versions of the song. Once I managed to build the artist's name into something I could search, Google Translate said it's just "Various Artists." I've failed completely at all my attempts to build something searchable out of the album name, unfortunately, but perhaps someone else can identify it from the image.
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Also, you'd pronounce "빗물" as "beet mool", or more naturally, "binmool".
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