How to remove horizontal blinds before toddler does!
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Rented apartment, flimsy aluminium blinds savaged by toddler. I cannot figure out their quick release mechanism. I've tried rocking (suggested here,) prying, and cursing. There are no accessible latches, tabs, or clips. All but one sit flush to window frames, so they cannot slide sideways. They have a Faber sticker, they are less than two years old, and likely from a Canadian supplier. I can't find a relevant Faber installation guide. I popped the end cap off the one that isn't tight against a window frame (pic,) and I took a picture of the plate attached to the wall (pic.) I'm sure there is some dead simple manoeuvre that I've missed!
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Try a thin screwdriver blade into the "click open mechanism" on the mount attached to the upper window frame, has to be there. All will be clear after the first one pops. We have this type and it is not obvious until you do it once.
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DANGER! Have landlord remove immediately! NOT SAFE! Aluminum blinds + toddler= not safe! like, 'leaving cay keys by the socket' not safe.
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I would remove all blinds in the apartment.
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I'd guess that those two plastic "fingers" on the thing attached to the wall are holding the blind. If you can unlatch those - like Freedomboy says - you'll see movement.
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